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Endeavors (according to dictionary.com)

— vb

1. To try (to do something)

— n

2. an effort to do or attain something

When I decided to create this blog I wanted to come up with one word that would be meaningful and describe what this blog would be about. Endeavors seemed very fitting. I want to develop a passion that is meaningful and enriches both my life, my family’s life and those around me. I want to live more intentionally and make better use of my time. Being a somewhat recent grad, without a job and only having to take care of me, a husband and a house I have a unique opportunity to fill my time with many good things; to be creative and sharpen my skills. I find, however, that without some sort of motivation I waste my time and put off things ‘until tomorrow’.

Though I am not much of a writer I want this to become a way to motivate myself to finally start and finish an ever growing project list. I intend to use this blog to keep track of my successes (and failures) of my creative endeavors in crafting, cooking, chemical-free cleaning and grooming, decorating, gardening, whatever pops up as something I want to try or do.  I would also like to better my photography skills and camera knowledge as I make an attempt at how to’s!

So here it goes as I press the finish button on my first blog post.

Let the endeavors begin!


“She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.”
Something I need to work on!

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